Sacred Beacon, created by Andena Sananda Kumara, is a weekly group transmission of Light Language activations which began March 20, 2024.   Andena leads this triad transmission with Tal Hershko, and Rev Barbara infusing their Light Language for a most powerful healing experience.  Feel comfortable to either watch the video or simply listen to the sound healing activations that are offered.  

 "Our purpose being to bridge Heaven and Earth through resonance via the Cymatic Language of Divine Frequency for the Soul in Form, activating Heart-Centered Remembrance of our Innate Collective Truth as Individuated Expressions of the Divine Source in Physical Form."   

                                                                                            ~  Andena Sananda Kumara, Podcaster,  Mastery of BEing, 

 Beautiful Activation honoring our connection

 with Mother Gaia and the Elements  of transmutation/transformation of energy.

​​​​​​​Sanctuary of Divine Light

Next Transmission May 30th

A Sacred DNA Activation which speaks to

the  very fabric of US... Within and Without!

Allow the Flame of Compassion To Alchemically Transform and Refine ALL that is seeking to Realign In Divine Truth.

Copyright © Rev. Barbara Dominick, MS, RMT. All rights reserved.

 "Embrace your sacred inner soul 

to behold the radiant light

of your own Divine Essence."

Honoring ALL that it is To be Beautifully Human

Welcoming the Winds of Change

Sacred Beacon

  To Nourish, To Cleanse, To Satiate,

          Revitalize and Rejuvenate.

 Andena Sananda Kumara

Peace Within the Present

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​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, 

for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

Andena Sananda Kumara (aka Angela Anderson) lives her truth, Soul-Integrated, as Heart-Centered Conduit of Divine Frequency; activating within those in resonance, a many-fold experience, sparking awareness of the Innate Truth of the Human Collective Being as Individuation of the Divine Source of ALL Creation Embodied within Form.  From a space of Heart-Centered openness, those in receipt of this Frequency have the opportunity to respond affirmatively to the call to more Authentically Align with their own Unique Expression of The Divine.  To this end, Andena serves as Quantum Energy Alchemist for all that is of The Energy of Oneness; sharing wisdom on the open topics of Freedom, Love, and Oneness as Realized by the Authentically Embodied Soul on Earth.

 Through her company Oneness Works, LLC, she provides private, personal and group sessions, guiding the Journey of Self Discovery, through energetic Exploration of the Ancestral/Cosmic Lineage and Multidimensionality, while facilitating the Transmutation of pertinent Self-Deprecating Beliefs and Patterns identified along the way, via The Cymatic Language of Divine Frequency.

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