A first experience for Alma.   She never experienced Energy Healing or the presence of Angels although she believes in them.  And, a first time seeing the Angels light up around someone other than myself.   In the photo on the left the violet light can be seen on her blouse.

           I'm not sure exactly when I became aware of Angels in my life.  I've always had a kind of "knowing" that some power greater than myself was always in my life watching over me,  guiding me and protecting me.   Often when things seemed hopeless, as they do in most of our lives, I would feel that I'd be ok, or a challenging situation would somehow be resolved.  Of course there were times when I had a feeling of dread too, after all I am human.  I'm so deeply grateful for the miracles that have unfolded in my life because God and the company of Angels, in times when I was at the edge of despair and even close to death, they were always there.  I have felt their energy, I have felt their presence, I have felt a palpable energy almost as if someone were actually touching me, embracing me;  I often feel a gentle energy cascading down my head and face.  

          And now, since the beginning of 2000, I've been given so many opportunities to see the Angels.  I can see them now every day if I choose. But, usually through the lens of my camera!  Below are my most recent experiences with these magical beings of Light in my apartment. I can't see them with my naked eye when I look in their direction. This informs me that the experience is not for me alone, but rather for me to share.  Clients who receive their healing sessions in my apartment are also blessed with this beautiful experience with the Angles.




Although Denise believes in Angels, she never experienced seeing their light before.  In the first photo the light is apparent after her healing session.  But, on her way home, an Angel light appeared again through the lens of her own camera.  She informed me that she didn't know her phone was on, nor did she ever experience this happening with her phone before. In fact, Denise is the first person that I know of who experienced the Angel light after they left their session with me.

Sharing this new phenomenon with friends!

Betsy Sawyer Gaylin, Host of "Ready to Heal", learned of my work with the Angels and invited me to be a guest on her show.  Before the show I offered Betsy a healing session  so she could have an experience with the Angels.  She had a blast, and now she calls me an Angel Whisperer! 

                                              Angel Light interacting with others!

​​I'm so happy to  share this beautiful Angelic Light experience with everyone. Again, I don't think it's for me alone. I now have a YouTube channel where I share this phenomenon in the context of my healing work with Light Language transmissions.  

I hope you've enjoyed viewing this  page, thank you.

May you always have Angels by your side!

 "Embrace your sacred inner soul 

to behold the radiant light

of your own Divine Essence."

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for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

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