​​​​​​​Sanctuary of Divine Light

​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, 

for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

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 "Embrace your sacred inner soul 

to behold the radiant light

of your own Divine Essence."

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Sanctuary of Divine Light is my spiritual healing service.  I'm an Interfaith Minister, ordained by Rabbi Joseph Gelberman of All Faiths Seminary International.  While I enjoy  performing sacred ceremonies such as weddings, house blessings and memorials, my primary service is energy healing that supports you in feeling safe and comfortable to experience your own sacred 


transformation during this time of spiritual awakening and tremendous shifts in consciousness.  I work very closely with the Angelic realm.  As you can see in the photo above the bright light is the light of the Angels. You can experience this light and energy any time during or after your healing session. Click here to see more photos and videos of the Angel Lights!  In an environment that permeates with loving kindness and compassionate service the healing energies of agape love prevails to sustain you.  My services are grounded in my passion for providing a gentle, loving conduit for your Soul, heart, mind and body to heal, and realign with the Divine Light within you, bringing you closer to a harmonious state of well being, and oneness with all life.  

I grew up embraced by the loving hands-on healing of my great Aunt Rose, a minister, healer and metaphysician who also spoke in tongue (Light Language).  I believe she blessed me with a sacred anointing. What was cultivated in me was a desire to learn more about hands-on healing therapies for my own healing as well as for my children, family and friends.   In my early 30's I also became a part of the Yoruba community and received another sacred anointing  when I was given the Yoruba name "Adeshina" by Baba Oseijeman.  It means, "My crown opens the way".  Indeed, through my crown I channel Divine healing energies, and I am a conscious channel for Divine messages of enlightenment and transformations.  I've practiced energy healing for more than 35 years​​, and like my great Aunt, I speak Angelic Light Language which increases the frequency of Light and Energy that is channeled during healing sessions and other services that I offer.  During healing sessions I've experienced speaking different dialects (or languages) that resonate with my clients on a deep level.  Some even comment that the language sounds familiar to them.  Light Language is the language of the soul, and once activated, anyone can speak their soul language.  This ability to speak one's soul language is now emerging during these times of remembrance with activations that can happen at anytime, and in any number of ways. 


These healing energies that I channel can be experienced as an all encompassing embrace in a sanctuary of divine light where you're entrained to pure love and enlightenment. And, if you so desire, you may find yourself beholding the radiant light of your own divine essence.  As you align with this aspect of yourself, you experience a return to the wholeness of being that produces healing, be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.  You may even experience an expansion in your heart, crown and third eye chakras as well as an activation or amplification of your divine birthright gifts.

We are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE!

Rev. Barbara Dominick, MS, RMT

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