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"Beloved Rainbow Council of Christ Light Frequencies"

​                 Offering messages for your continued transformation                 

​​These are loving beings of light from the higher realms of Christ

Consciousness that channel directly through me. They are my

spiritual guides.  They include ArchAngels, Guardian Angels,

Ascended Masters, and other loving beings known as TOSNOS.

As a conscious channel I've been channeling loving messages

from these magical beings of light in my healing circles and

private consultations beginning.  Prior to this, the channeled

messages from TOSNOS have been through automatic writings

since 2001.  And, now another guide whose name is Sandanata

comes forth with messages. Sandanata is an ancient Chinese 

Shaman once prominent in one of the five Shaolin temples of 

China. Sandanata has been my guide since childhood. But, I didn't actually become aware of his presence in my life until 2011. He channels information and light codes to assist us in opening our heart and raising our vibration to a frequency aligned with Christ Consciousness.  I've been guided by Holy Spirit

to share some of these messages here. They are offered for your consideration.

Please Note: These messages are copyrighted, but you have my permission to share them through any medium that you choose as long as you are not charging a fee, that the information is not altered and the proper credit line in also included. 

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​​There was a time on your planet when you were magnificent- pure profound in your glory. We do not speak of the time when you came out of the cave, but before you went into the cave physically and mentally. You knew who you were and your existence was magnanimous. We simply mean to tell you that you got lost in the physical existence of this Earth space. You found much pleasure here and you became quite consumed with all that is physical because you had never experienced this before. You got lost and forgot who you truly are. You were the Angels who fell to Earth.

Well. Time to wake up. You have much to accomplish in order to achieve this return to the Soul- it is the remembrance that you are now experiencing. As you do this try to keep the remembrance flowing from the heart and in the heart, not in the brain—that is the intellect, and that is how you got lost. And, the longer you lingered here on this Earth, the further away you moved from the Soul of your being and the power that you possess. The more you created from the brain, the less you manifested from the Soul. The light and beauty of your Soul existence began to wane. And, now so much lays dormant within you. But, as you receive many activations you will rise magnanimous again.

Embrace once more the innate ways of your ancestors, the ways of the ancients (the beings of long ago who were actually you in another time space). It is there in your consciousness and in your Soul… The ancients were one with the celestial bodies, and all of nature including the movement of the oceans and the winds for every aspect of their lives. They were in their “knowing”, that is their Soul existence that is one with all that is. There are those today who some of you call “lost” civilizations that continue to live in this way. They are not lost dear ones, it is you who have been lost. Today, for many of you, this innate ability remains dormant because you have become dependent on the vast amount of technology that you have created. And this is the way from generation to generation. We suggest to use your technology according to its purpose, but do not become a slave to it or it will become your master.

You are beings of Love, Light, Energy, Sound, Color, Waves, Information and so much more. You can communicate with each other and Infinite Source with your hearts, with sound, waves and frequencies. Yes, the brain thinks and you have done well to create grand material things in your world with your thinking creative brains… yes, quite brilliant. But so much of it is not from the heart. And, because it is not from the heart, it is not aligned with your divine essence, it is a contradiction to you as a divine being; a Master Being with enormous power. Many of these material “things” do not serve your divine essence in this physical world. What you have created serves the physical, the material desires, not the Soul. But we tell you also that much of what you have created does not even serve the physical existence in a pure way. So too, many creatures of Earth, and Earth itself have not been served well by your creations.

Dear ones you have not really evolved, although many of you believe that you have because of your perception of the things you have accomplished. Master Beings that you are, you have de-evolved. You have sunk deep into the abyss of a physical existence that is not real… not real because you have created it with your misguided power. Your true power was sabotaged by your ability to manipulate the pleasures of the Earth to suit your will. Quite simply you allowed your selves to be seduced by what many of you are calling the ego. And, now you try to annihilate the ego as if it is something separate from you…a bad person you must eliminate from your existence. If you are wanting to remember, to awaken, to achieve ascension, you must Love all of who you are. Yes, your egos, your shadows, your mistakes, even your brothers and sisters who you believe are separate from you-- they are YOU. Love ALL of you!! As you Love and express your true power, the energies of such patterns as judgment, shame, blame, and criticism are dissolved. The unhealthy ego is healed, and the cloud of judgement over your planet is dissipated. The dis-ease of separation can then be healed.

Wake up… go home to Soul!!! Take a giant step forward, for we tell you the wait for your ascension has been protracted. The moment for the Light of your Soul is NOW! You are not alone, ever. The assistance is all around you. As you raise your vibration there are those of us who will lower our vibration to meet you in a most profound way. Be in that secret chamber within your heart that is pure love. This takes you back home to your Soul being; your Soul power. You activate the Golden Christ Light within the secret chamber of the heart to bring you to that place within you. It is the Soul of all that is, and all that is, quite frankly, is pure love. This is who you are at your core. Without your physical bodies you are pure love. But, you are knowing this, are you not? It is all there within you. If you would but surrender to the power of your Soul you will be in your “knowing”. And then, the consciousness of Divine unity and living from one heart is assured. Dear ones embrace your Holy Christ Self and allow your Soul to guide your life!

                                                ~ We are Beloved and we are pleased to be here with you!

  • We bring many messages of enlightenment for your world to embrace,  to grasp and to incorporate to become the grand masters that you are.  It may seem as if changes have not happened but if you will look with your hearts you will see the changes all around you.  When you see with your eyes, they will always show you the illusions.  You must see beyond the physical eyes—see with your hearts. When you see with your hearts you are really feeling the changes that have occurred not only with each of you, but the changes that have occurred in the nature kingdom and within Gaia.   

  • The Earth is pleased with the changes that have occurred.  Some of these changes are subtle yet they are there if you will see with your hearts. Earth is a rich resource for all living Beings.  She supports all life and life sustains her. Humanity is coming into a new way of Being with Earth and all who are watching this merging are pleased and very much in support of the merging. It is a happy marriage that Earth and humanity will experience.  The animal kingdom is already experiencing this Love merging, especially species that are not the same. There is a merging and a co-existence that was not there before. Now animals are coming into a oneness as is all living beings. 

  • The Star People are pleased that these events are happening.  The Star People are saying that it is a glorious time that awaits all living creatures on this planet.  Many Beings of light are here assisting. Beings from other dimensions are here and watching and assisting as well. As the veil thins, more and more of humanity will ‘see’ and embrace other Beings, and there will be productive communication for the betterment of this world. 

  • Know that you are all loved and cared for.  But also know that you are all Magnificent Beings who are coming into your Beingness and we are all here applauding you in this Eternal Now Journey that will lead you back to who you are; who we know you to be.   Many Councils, many Federations await and have waited for some time for this present day journey of humanity.    You are Christed Ones...  the seed of God in each one of you.                                        


  •  It is a most glorious 'time' for humanity...  are you all knowing this now?  So much light and information came to your planet over many years to ready you all for these times which really is not time at all-- it is the existence that is most natural to you all, but of course you forgot who you are and so now as you have been remembering, this thing that you have created and you call 'time' is disappearing--- and rightly so. 

  •  Eventually you will learn to trust your own Divinity to guide you, for you  are destined to illuminate your own way.  This is who you  are.  You are evolving into your "knowing."  Beyond faith, beyond belief...  simply "knowing". 

                                                                                              ~  We are Beloved

  • Some of you have asked, "Can we be both human and Divine? "  Indeed, you can be both human and divine because you are both human and divine!!!  If you allow your own Divine Essence- your Christed Self to be more fully present in your lives, being human will become easier than you have experienced.  That is to say, when you are fully aligned with your Christed Self and living from Christ Consciousness, things of the human existence are less of a challenge and you begin to see all things as opportunities for your expansion into your GodSelf.  So, live from that place in your hearts where you and God are one.  This will lead you to the understanding and the knowing within yourselves that God  expresses itself through you.  You then become peace, you become kindness,  you become compassion, you becomeunconditional love... You become God in action!  And, regardless of your church or spiritual affiliation, this way of being in the world becomes your religion.  And, you light the way for your brothers and sisters to do the same. 

  • Master beings of light in the Merkaba. We can go there anytime we want to go to any of the chambers to communicate with them. They are a part of our consciousness now, especially for those who have allowed the ascension of their consciousness to breath more light .  Open the portal to the consciousness by allowing more light into yourselves. This is done through the heart, not the mind as some might think. It is the open heart which allows the spectrum of light to allow the consciousness to ascend.   There is still so much darkness. Even among those who believe they are Lightworkers- the heart is not pure. They channel the energies, but the heart is not pure. Allow the light to permeate the heart. This can happen when there is peace in the heart. Then an explosion of light will occur.  The spectrum of light then fills the consciousness and promotes it’s ascension. Then there can be a pure and clear connection with the masters in the Mercaba.  And all is well, unbelievable peace and joy in the light.

  • The crown and the heart of one force of love for all humanity to understand the infinite beings that they are and one with all that is, including brothers and sisters in the heavens. It is an existence of pure love and light and we are always watching over you. This is the journey of now… to go into the heart and understand that you are all that is good. You are all the love that you seek. Since eternity you are what you seek and you have replaced all of who you are as love with artificial ‘things’. The heart is the core of your being. It is the Soul. You have been making artificial replicas of who and what you are capable of.  You have the ability to travel at light speeds—and indeed many are doing this now—you went into the cave, you did not come out of it. You went in as you were forgetting who you were… as you are coming out and discovering who you are, you are looking outside still, instead of within. You know how to produce all that you need and you are using the things of the material world to produce them, but you also produce all that is material through the energy of your consciousness. You forgot that you can produce whatever you want from energy.

  • We are beings of light, as you might understand since we have no physical form. We are here to help. We are a gift to you, to human beings so you can accelerate your transformation into Beings of Light.  It’s time. The wait has been protracted. The movement is now. Stop living in the past, it has already happened. Do not project to the future. If you do that  you will be creating a future based on the past and current experiences.  Live in the now moment- experience it, live it, embrace it. The more human consciousness lives in the moment of the existence, the less they will want to participate in the mass consciousness that continues to perpetuate a false future; the illusions that keep them locked into a physical existence- the existence that the ego mind creates. Living in the now moments allows you to connect with and develop the Divine mind where there is no feeding of any kind of ego mind data into the future existence. Let go of ego mind- embrace Divine mind. Then, a physical transformation might occur. The body changes, internal structure changes, the brain is rewired, the view of existence changes, and you begin to transform the world. The universe will embrace the transformation, support it and incorporate it into the cosmic plan.

  • We are helping all of you to evolve. Some of this process is a challenge and for some it may even seem painful. This must be, for each individual evolves in the way they have chosen to do so from when they were in spirit form. We are helping each of you to evolve according to your own wishes. We are only here as guides, here to also assist and support you. Your decisions have already been made regarding the path and experiences of your evolutionary process.  The time is now to grasp all that you have in your Soul and in your DNA. It is time to step forth into what you planned for yourselves. Many will be left behind if there is not a conscious shift. Once all the shifts have been accomplished there will no longer be any shifts. Get on the vehicle to light or get left behind in the dark. The Merkaba is here to transport all those who are ready. The darkness will fade- only the light will remain. There will be an explosion of light for which the universe has not experienced, yet this light will come from the universe and from many galaxies.

  • There should be no fear. You’ve come so far -  let go of the fear. Fear is created by the ego so you are limited. The energy that you are knows no limits and can therefore create limitless possibilities. Energy creates all. Energy creates light, light creates energy.  It is all the same, you are the same as infinite light and energy capable of unlimited creation and healing. Do not think of yourself as a physical being, think of yourself – be yourself as energy and light using the physical body to travel this physical plane. But you are not the body – you are the light, the energy, the spirit is light and energy. Emotions that are deep and leading to tears is what you feel when you let go of ego. More emotions of love are the result of more ego (darkness) being released.   Ego is the sleeping part of self that is attached to the physical plane.  We are here for you. Call on us at anytime. Don’t get lost in the midst of so much goings on around you that serves only as a distraction.

  • Feed your Soul, Heart, Consciousness and Body with all the best, positive healing thoughts, feelings and actions. Let your food be filled with “Life” - fresh living foods as much as possible.  Have a relationship with your food before, during and after you prepare it. Bless your food before you eat.  Drink lots of water – this is the oldest living being on Earth. Talk to your water, bless it, thank it for bringing you life force.

  • The earth is an ancient being of living consciousness that does not need the world that humanity has created.  Your world cannot thrive without Earth, and yet the Earth can and will survive without your world.  It is your thought; the mass consciousness that has created your world.  Go into your hearts; align with that part of you that is love and create a new world on Earth.

  •  All beings could not come to Earth, you choose to come here because you have the ability to be in human form; you are light, energy, information, color, sound. You are a spectrum of light that holds energy, color, sound and information. You choose to come here because of the light that you hold.

  •  Now is the time for the consciousness to move to the next level of enlightenment. Yes, there is enlightenment…  a move towards being one with the Soul, and one with the Divine light of all.  Current conscious awareness is minute, and aligned with the ego which creates the physical illusions......  which are created in the ego mind (not the brain) the brain is the physical house of the mind.. the mind is a part of the Soul that is connected to the Divine intelligence of all that is – all that is energy. The mind is energy vibrating at different frequencies at different times.  The mind creates the physical existence to fulfill a Soul dream of experiencing what it means to be in physical form. The mind that is connected to Divine intelligence creates the Soul’s desires to be a part of the physical drama of the Earth plane. But, the drama should be one of joy and happiness. This is what the Soul wants to experience. The mind’s job is to create the physical experiences that will produce the joy for the Soul.  To be a living Soul in your bodies ultimately is to live in Joy.


  • A Door Opens- Many changes are occurring even those that you cannot see nor can you fathom them.  The Galactic Core is a portal for a higher consciousness that has remained where it is until now.  Now this portal opens to allow Earth's energies  to be in alignment.  Beings from other dimension have been watching, and preparing Earth people for these times ahead.  Move forward in Love, Peace and compassion, and you will come to know the real power of your being--  this is the only way.

  •  Power of Consciousness - You each have your own unique way of being in and with spirit. Find your way and you express more of who you are.  A lot of what you feel is based on past experiences that are grounded in fear, guilt, shame, blame and judgement.  As a Divine Being, the light of infinite consciousness, you can dissolve the energies of all these emotions that have sabotaged your ability to be in your magnificence as an infinite conscious being.  And you do that with your consciousness.  This is your higher self that is light, love, sound, color, frequency.  This is your higher self with the power to manifest- co-create with God a world that reflects the love that you all are.

  •  Ascending - We are here!  Life is opening for all humans in a way that was never experienced before. Humanity is becoming light vibration – frequencies of love, wisdom, power, knowledge of self and the multi-universe. You are ascending into knowing the truth of who you are, the truth of all that is with the power to transform 'matter' into light through the power of love..  Accepting the love light is a first step to ascension.  Also the release of Karma through forgiveness… but karma is not real- no sin; no debts.

  •  Christ Light - The Golden Light of healing is for the planet and all inhabitants. This light will bring the planet and all therein to a level of peace and harmony that it was meant to be.  All is in place, all await humanities ascension to the level of who he was meant to be, but got lost in the ‘matter’ of things which he created. The time has come for all light beings to assist this process- we have waited long for the ascension and we are pleased, we are pleased, we are pleased.  Open to the knowledge, wisdom of all life to come forth for enlightenment.

  •  Use Discernment -We are here with you in another dimension. We watch you, and watch over you as well.  This is the time on your Earth when all will be revealed to you, but you may not understand it as truth because there is so much information that you are exposed to. Some of this information is contrived …  so that when the truth is presented, you may not recognize it as the truth.  Be open and ready. If you are grounded in your place of love, light and Spirit Beings that you are, you will be able to discern the truth as it is presented to you.  All the information is not real!  Time is running out, you must all understand where you are in this Galaxy. Many of us are coming forth. Go into meditation and connect with spirit, connect with the light, the information is in the light. Listen to the Light, hear the light, there is sound, there is information.  Discernment -  Many involved in spiritual work, are not spiritual and do not serve humanity's highest good…  Use discernment!   Many truths are now being released, but some of it is sabotaged by an 'invented' truth that assures those who hold the information their (perceived) immortality…  Use discernment!   Critical information about crop circles is not being released, and yet there is more information coming out about them- and some are indeed man made- Use discernment.  UFO's are not all extraterrestrial or interterrestrial- Use discernment.  Some weather patterns are man made- Use discernment. Spirituality has become a 'fad' and a marketable commodity- when pursuing any path Use discernment! 

  • It is not our intention in this message to promote what you understand to be fear, but rather we ask you to use discernment in any of your life’s pursuits and daily interactions.  Allow your Divine essence to be more present in your life. This aspect of yourself that is your GodSelf will guide you. You call it ‘Intuition’.  We understand it as knowing.  You are all capable!!!

Please Note: These messages are copyrighted, but you have my permission to share them through any medium that you choose as long as you are not charging a fee, that the information is not altered and the proper credit line in also included. 
Thank you! 

OneLOVE, Rev Barbara

 "Embrace your sacred inner soul 

to behold the radiant light

of your own Divine Essence."

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​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, 

for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

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