​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, 

for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

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​​​​​​​Sanctuary of Divine Light

 "Embrace your sacred inner soul 

to behold the radiant light

of your own Divine Essence."

Testimonials From the Heart

  Zulma -  Chakra Clearing in Copper Pyramid and Angel Light Healing 

 Brittney - Reiki and Angel Message

Lindai Schwarz - As a bodyworker and Reiki practitioner I constantly work with and on people, so it's important that I take care of myself and get healing work done. However, it's not easy to find the right person who you can trust and who understands your needs. Reverend Barbara is exactly that. Her intuition is impeccable and she will exactly provide you with the love and healing that is needed at the time you go see her. Her deep love and care radiates through her bright, positive personality and makes her the healer that she is. You are truly in good hands and will not be disappointed to have tried her session!
Lindai's BodyworkNY.com
Dr. John Muciaccia - Rev. Barbara Dominick and her Sanctuary of Divine Light receives a 5 star review from me.  Rev. Barbara is a wonderful woman with loving healing ability.
Author of "Spirit Lives" 

Beverly Ewan - Experience Reiki with all your senses...  Before my personal Reiki session with Rev. Barbara, I researched Reiki. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was soon put at ease. Rev. Barbara took the time to explain what she would be doing and what I would do, which really was to lie on the table and relax. It sounds simple. To truly relax I found is a multi-step process and happened with gentle, soft spoken coaching from Rev. Barbara.  I experienced a sense of peace and calmness that stayed with me long after my session ended. Learning deep breathing techniques was also a valuable take away from my session.  A Reiki session with Rev. Barbara can help with stress which is the root cause of so many serious health problems. Being able to effectively manage stress brings a huge reward in feeling physically & emotionally fit.

Veronica Black - Rev. Barbara is not only an adorable individual, but also one of the best mediums I have met. The first Angelic Healing Circle I attended - I was hooked.  I went there full of anger, resentment, frustration looking for answers and left there feeling like a new person.  The angel cards and the messages were on point and the extended messages I received from her medium was both fascinating and true it clarified any doubts I had with the message I received from the Angelic Card. During her Reiki sessions  I actually felt the energy working throughout my system - it is a remarkable feeling that I would recommend to anyone who really really wants to relief negativity from their body. Her Angelic circle is a guided meditation session that allows all participants to be themselves and be elevated to a spiritual realm that leaves you feeling serene and with the help of her medium allow you to address any negative elements that is affecting you at the moment and relieve them.  I would highly recommend Rev. Barbara as your life long medium, and spiritual advisor. 

Joanna Petrykow - Rev. Barbara is not only a healer but also a very talented medium that makes the whole experience very unique.  I appreciate so much the healing and channeling sessions with her.  She combines different healing modalities including Reiki and Christ Light Healing.  I could feel calm and gentle energy flowing throughout my body dissolving my emotional and physical distress.  Your heart opens up and you make a connection with your real Self. during the session .  She conveys spontaneously messages for you from the Spirit which are very revealing, informative and soothing.  You may also ask the Spirit any questions just to be amazed how accurate and at the same time very transforming the answers are.  It is a great experience and help for those who are not only seeking answers to their daily life problems but also want to feel and make connection with the spirit realm itself. I would also highly recommend a group event Angelic Healing Circle that Barbara conducts.  It is a great guided meditation experience along with channeled messages for the group and individual participants.
Milton Roman, Shaman - Barbara embraces and embodies the qualities of a Reiki Master with her professionalism, compassion and warmth. During my treatment her voice was assuring, her intuitiveness was outstanding, her energy radiated from her hands was overwhelmingly healing and, her melonic tones resonated to my inner voice and body. I walked out with a calmness, confident of her healing powers, and the abundant posibilities of my goals for 2015. I will return in the future! Energized...Milton

Shirley Taylor-Dunn, LCSW-R- I was fortunate to have met Rev Barbara rather randomly and my spirit gravitated to her unconditional tender love and I have blossomed. Her healing circles and Reiki sessions contributed to the healing of my imbalanced heart. Her channeled energies recognized the divinity in me and all others and that alone allows one to begin their own path. Today I thank her for laying a foundation from which other lightworkers have sprung. If you are pondering your energy shift, she may be of great service to you.www.tayloredtransformations.org

Marcy Furano, Massage Therapist- I received a gift certificate for 3 Reiki Healing sessions with Reverend Barbara for Christmas. My initial thought was “Wow. What a thoughtful gift.” I had been feeling out-of-sorts, to put it mildly, for quite some time; always anxious, many sleepless nights, and consistent fatigue were taking a toll on my health.  Before my first session even began, just being in Reverend Barbara’s presence brought a sense of calm and peace. The healing session was an amazing and beautiful experience. I could feel the tension and anxiety drain from my body, replaced by unconditional love and serenity.  There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for this life-changing transformation facilitated by Reverend Barbara’s exceptional healing touch.