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BOLD staff with Reiki Practitioners and Lloyd Strayhorn, Astro-Numerologist.

​​​Reiki compliments cancer treatment:   Following positive results from clinical studies, many hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY and Yale - New Haven in Ct., are now offering Reiki to cancer patients. Together with conventional medicine, Reiki is offered in these hospitals, where patients and medical practitioners agree that Reiki helps alleviate some of the symptoms of cancer. Reiki services to cancer patients and their caregivers have been shown to significantly reduce the stress of chemotherapy treatment, and its effects on their caregivers. Patients report after receiving a Reiki session either before, during or after treatment that it eases the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, improves immune function, eases anxiety and promotes a positive emotional attitude, decreases pain and helps them relax.

On-going Reiki therapy in a group setting such as a healing circle can also support the patient’s journey with or through the disease process on a spiritual as well as emotional level.  In addition, given the rate of caregiver burnout Reiki can also provide and empower the caregiver with a natural, yet effective, tool for self care that can also be used to bring comfort to their loved ones whom they care for.  Professional caregivers also benefit from Reiki therapy.  


                                                    "Angelic Reiki Healing Circle" for

                                                Bronx Oncology Living Daily Program
                                                   Montefiore-Einstein Cancer Center

It was an honor and a joy for me to offer my "Angelic Reiki Healing Circle" to participants of The B.O.L.D. Program
, directed by Alyson Moadel, PhD of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  And likewise, an honor and delight to work with so many generous Reiki practitioners who brought the gift of healing to this circle of extraordinary and courageous women. Each participant in the circle received inspiring Archangel and Guardian Angel messages, shared their reflections, and experienced Reiki healing sessions.  At the close of each session participants received an inspirational booklet containing loving spiritual quotes, affirmations, prayers and up lifting articles for the heart, mind, spirit and body.

        Abel, Linda, Emerita, Lloyd, Rev. Barbara                              Janet, Rev. Barbara, Emerita, Abel

This page is dedicated to my beautiful niece!

Wendy Brown-Morring

June 21st 1968 - October 22. 2006


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