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​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

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 "Embrace your sacred inner soul to

 behold your own Divine Essence."

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2018 Copyright © Rev. Barbara Dominick, MS, RMT. All rights reserved.

​We are all healers, mediums, psychics, and so much more...we possess amazing birthright gifts of spirit that sometimes remain dormant until they are activated.  Reiki can activate these gifts.  Reiki is but one of many energy healing modalities that is simple and easy to learn for your own self care and that of your loved ones.  Once attuned, Reiki energies flow naturally and automatically.  Divine infinite source is the giver of the attunement while the Reiki Master Teacher is the facilitator in the process.   And, like any spiritual work Reiki is a sacred practice.  It asks that we honor what we do with the greatest respect for our service in Love, as well as respect for those who seek our services.  As we offer this beautiful gift of love healing energies many benefits are experienced in meaningful ways.  Reiki can reduce stress and pain, but it can also facilitate personal and spiritual growth.  As the client receives the healing energies, so does the practitioner! 

It's been a divine honor to be of service in the teaching of this unconditional love healing system.   I've taught and attuned many people to Reiki and other energies.  They have gone on to become wonderful Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers.  The exchange has been life changing.  As I taught, I also received so much, and I'm deeply grateful!  And, with that said, I'm announcing that I'm no longer teaching.  I would like to recommend my dearest friend and colleague, Lindai Schwarzwho is an extraordinary healer, teacher and natural health consultant.  She is also an absolute delight to work with.  I promise you'll be in very caring and capable hands with  Lindai .  


Lindai Schwarz, MA, RMT



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