​​​​​​​Sanctuary of Divine Light

 "Embrace your sacred inner soul to

 behold your own Divine Essence."


​​​"Honor the humanity we all share, for we are the Infinite Light of OneLOVE." 

1st Friday Every Month

Beloved Speaks -Angel Healing Circle

A.R.E. of NYC

153 West 27th (near 7th Ave.)

Ring buzzer #33

7th Floor, Rm 702

New York,  NY 10001

​​All are welcome to this monthly Healing Circle where we will be in the presence of many Angels.  Everyone in the circle will receive divine healing energies, and several Angel messages through anointed Angel cards, and messages from my guides, who I know as Beloved Rainbow Council.  They offer messages that are filled with love and enlightenment for our personal and spiritual growth.  Everyone can share their message with the circle if your choose, or ask a question of Beloved if you need guidance or clarity.   Come share your Light...be the Light, for we are indeed a part of a connected universe...a global consciousness...evolving into one heart! 

​If you'd like to attend one of my 'private gatherings' in upper Manhattan, please contact me directly for dates and address at bdominick55@hotmail.com.


Next Circle - July 7th

7:00pm - 9:00pm

​(doors close 7:15pm)

$20.00 cash donation at the door

or pay here

3rd Sunday Every Month

BodyWork Sunday at Harlem Chi
360 West 125th St, 2nd Fl.

​(Elevator entrance on St Nicholas Ave.)

New York City, NY 10027


On the 3rd Sunday of each month Harlem Chi Community Acupuncture  hosts a day of wholistic services with three healing modalities.  On these Sundays, I'm honored to work along side two wonderful healing practitioners in this lovely space at Harlem Chi, where we offer our healing services.  You receive a unique sampling of Reiki, Massage and Reflexology.  As you relax into each 20 minute session in this atmosphere of peace and tranquility, various levels of your Being are realigned to their natural rhythms allowing spirit, mind and body to return to, and maintain, a state of wholeness.  Your experience with us helps set the tone for your week to begin with you feeling calm, restored and more relaxed. For only $60 you will experience a full hour consisting of 20 minutes each of reiki, massage, and reflexologist.  This also gives you an opportunity to experience alternative bodywork energy healing modalities that you may want to incorporate in your health and wellness regimen.  

​Next BodyWork Sunday will be July 16th

Sessions begin at 2:00pm

Come early... meet with us. 

We'll provide information about our services, and answer any questions

you have about these healing modalities.

Click here for more information and to book your appointment!